sábado, 26 de mayo de 2007

My EMPTY love

i watched you cross the street yet our eyes didn't meet. how come my feelings are so strong? how come you've watched me go? My mind has become numb in the feeling of our kisses. My mind has gone blank everytime I can't remmember your face. Your memory is dying. Yet it is hurting me more than ever. The once feeling of hope has become an empty air, a choking breathing, a dense atmosphere. Once your memory it's gone you'll leave me with nothing inside. You stole my soul. You stole my heart.
You stole my heart but i don't want it back. I want it to be with you till my blood starts pumping trough my body again.
You left me without even noticing it.

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

First day in the blog world

I'd like to quote Justin Timberlake to start the description about my life at the moment "I'm sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about!" well i'll continue the second line (as i don't carry a pop life.) Apparently i've been in a bad mood according to my family, yet i've only been quiet. Should we be carrying our signature smile 24/7 or should we leave it rest for a while? Not kill our smile, just put it to sleep. That's what i've been doing. I've been resting my smile. Came to think about it this is the first time i've ever been in this stage. Wanting to please everyone has led me to create expression lines at a very young age. The age of eighteen. School's over, university has began, yet my exciting life has yet to appear. Love life in decline, why am I so hard to love?